If you want us help you make the Web work for you, please fill out the form below.   Then send the form with your deposit to the following address:

                                                             DITT~Inc., PO Box 7206, Woodbridge, VA 22195

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While this agreement is in force, Dittmer Information Technologies and Telecommunications, Inc. (DBA "DITT~Inc.") agrees to do the following:

Web Design Services:

- We will help you create an Internet Home Page for your business/organization or redesign an   existing one.   Our services include Web Site design and consultation for a fee of $30.00 per hour   or  $25 per letter size page.  You will able to change the content and appearance of your web site at any time for the same rates.  Billing for updates is done on a pro-rated basis by hour (e.g. If it takes us 15 minutes to update your site, you will be charged $7.50).  

- For a small additional charge of $3 per item, we will scan & convert your photos & pictures if you do not have a scanner or a digital camera.

- We will register your web site with the most popular Internet search engines including Alta Vista, Google, Yahoo, Excite, and Web Crawler. We will hyperlink our community web sites to yours for no charge.

- We will advertise and promote your web site on the Kingstowne and Crosspointe Connections and the Southbridge Sentinel web sites for free which will be advertised in trade publications, on the Internet, and by targeted marketing.

Advertising in Our Community Web Sites

- Text Ads: $5 per month ($25 for six months or $50 per year if paid in advance).

To advertise in both web sites:  $7.50 per month ($40 for six months or $90 per year if paid in advance). 

To advertise in all 3 web sites:  $10.00 per month ($50 for six months or $100 per year if paid in advance).

- Ads with Photos: $7 per month ($35 for six months or $60 per year if paid in advance).

To advertise in both web sites: $10 per month ($50 for six months or $100 per year if paid in advance).  

To advertise in all 3 web sites:  $12.00 per month ($60 for six months or $120 per year if paid in advance).

- Banner Ads: Banner ads cost $10 per month (or $100 per year if paid in advance) for each site.

Web Site Registration

- If you choose to have search engine registration done on an existing site which DITT~Inc. did not create or redesign,  the cost will be $50 per session.   For customers who have DITT~Inc.              design the web site,  the first registration is free.  Additional registrations will be charged at $50 per session.

In return, you agree to do the following.

- Pay a deposit of $25 by cash or check within three days of the registration. You account will be fully activated upon receipt. The deposit will apply to your service charges.

- All charges are due in the form of check or bank deposit on the 1st of the following month after they have been incurred  (meaning that if we perform work on your site, DITT~Inc. will charge you for the pages completed for the month on your site) with a grace period up to the 10th of that month.  Late payments will incur a $20 late fee per month.  All software reminds the property of DITT~Inc. until payment has been made and reserves the right to pull off web pages off the Internet until such payment is made.  

- If you are not satisfied with DITT~Inc.ís services you cancel this agreement at any time after the first   10 days, upon  7 days written notice. Of course, if you have any problems, we would like to solve them, so please feel free to contact us at any time.

- You will accept the judgment of DITT~Inc. as to the acceptable content of web pages, photographs, and  item descriptions. Unacceptable or illegal content will be deleted without notice.


To sign up today, please read the service agreement, then complete and submit the following form.

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Fax Number:________________________________________________________

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